Best Scottish Perfume Brands – The Complete List (2024)

Numerous independent Scottish perfume brands exist, each with its own unique story and essence. This blog post aims to gather these distinct brands together in a single comprehensive overview.

Scottish Perfume Brands

St Andrews Perfumery

St Andrews Perfumery is a Scottish perfumery that prides itself on its farm-to-fragrance approach. Nestled in the heart of Scotland, we craft scents that embody the spirit of the Scottish landscape, from the rolling hills to the coastal breezes. Our dedicated team of botanists, distillers, and perfumers meticulously grow, distill, blend, and bottle their products on our farm, ensuring each scent narrates the rich stories of Scotland’s landscapes and heritage.

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Jorum Studio

Jorum Studio, established in Edinburgh, by Euan McCall, is a beacon of modern luxury in the world of perfumery. Known for its passion for experimentation and creativity, Jorum Studio offers a range of modern, poetic fragrances that capture the essence of nature with an unconventional spirit.

Jorum Studio is committed to engaging with a diverse group of artists and craftspeople from various industries, aiming to strengthen the association of perfumery as a craft and learn from other art forms. Their first collection, Progressive Botany Vol I, featured a collaboration with Edinburgh-based artist Juli Bolaños-Durman, who created a unique heirloom piece in response to the fragrances, showcasing the studio’s dedication to blending olfactory art with visual and tactile forms.

Jorum Studio has also started to offer a range of candles with their signature scents.

We have a special fondness here at St Andrews Perfumery for Jorum Studio as we were delighted to supply the lavender essential oil for their Athenaeum Fragrance. Definitely worth a visit either online or their St Stephen’s Street store.

Kingdom Scotland

Kingdom Scotland stands as Scotland’s inaugural fragrance house, distinguished by its creation of evocative, modern, and gender-neutral scents that are matured and bottled within Scotland itself. Founded by Imogen Russon-Taylor, Kingdom Scotland not only encapsulates the majestic landscapes and rich histories of Scotland but also pioneers in crafting fragrances that are sustainable, ethical, and vegan. Their award-winning scents, including ALBAURA, PORTAL, KINGDOM BOTANICA, and METAMORPHIC, are celebrated for their unique stories and connection to Scotland’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. The brand has made its mark by being available in prestigious locations like H Beauty, Harrods, Gleneagles, The Balmoral, Meander, and Les Senteurs in Belgravia, London, showcasing its wide appeal and recognition.

Imogen Russon-Taylor’s journey to establishing Kingdom Scotland was fueled by her experiences in the whisky industry and a deep appreciation for scent, heritage, and the art of distillation. Her unique approach to perfumery, inspired by the sensory complexity of whisky, aims to ‘bottle Scotland’ by sharing the country’s old narratives through the medium of fragrance. This ambition led to extensive research into Scotland’s perfume history, culminating in the creation of a perfume house that speaks to Scotland’s landscape, geology, flora, and storied past.

We first came across Kingdom Scotland at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh. Their collaboration with the RBG is called Kingdom Botanica.

The Moffatt Perfume Company

The Moffat Perfume Company, based in the heart of the Scottish Lowlands in Moffat, is known for its inspiration drawn from Scotland’s rich landscapes and heritage. Their lineup includes a variety of items, from fragrances to perfume bags and miniature gift sets, all meticulously crafted to embody the essence of Scottish tradition and natural beauty.

Moffatt Perfume Company has introduced a trio of perfumes distinguished by their Gaelic names: Flùr Alba (Flower of Scotland), Eilean Alba (Island of Scotland), and Fiodh Alba (Wood of Scotland). These perfumes reflect the essence of Scotland’s natural beauty, from its floral meadows to its wooded wilds and island breezes.

Moffatt is not only famous for its natural beauty and landscapes, but also for being a popular Victorian spa town in the 19th century.

Castle Forbes

Castle Forbes Perfumery, located in a 600-year-old castle in Scotland, was transformed into a small private perfumery in 1996 by Jinny Forbes, with the help of perfumer Andrew French. Castle Forbes is dedicated to producing unique scents that capture the essence of the castle’s heritage and the surrounding landscapes, utilizing only the finest quality essential oils sourced directly from growers. Castle Forbes is not only known for its perfumery but also for being the ancestral home of the Forbes Clan. The Forbes family has a long and storied history, dating back centuries, and the castle has been their residence for generations.

Perfume Studio, Scotland

Perfume Studio is a creator of fragrant and gentle soaps, skincare products, and scottish perfume brand, all handmade in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland. They focus on creating scottish perfumes that are not only aromatic but also gentle on the skin, emphasizing natural ingredients and traditional crafting methods.

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Scottish Brands with a Perfume Range

Executive Shaving

Executive Shaving, established in 2006 and based in Glasgow, Scotland, is an expert in all things shaving and grooming. It stands as one of the largest online retailers of shaving and grooming products in Europe. The Executive Shaving is dedicated to offering a wide range of products that cater to the needs of individuals seeking the best in men’s grooming​​. Their fragrance collection includes Rannoch, Munro and Lomond.

Diana Drummond

Diana Drummond was established in 1950 in Scotland, marking its presence as a pioneer in the Scottish skincare industry. The company focuses on creating natural skincare products, perfumes, soaps, and hair care products. Diana Drummond, the founder and perfumer, draws inspiration from her extensive travels and experiences around the world. She infuses her scents with the emotions and memories she’s gathered throughout her journeys, creating fragrances that carry a unique, personal narrative.

Scottish Fine Soaps

The Scottish Fine Soaps Company, founded in 1974, is a family-owned business that blends gorgeous ingredients with contemporary Scottish style to create bath and beauty collections. They manufacture 99.5% of their products in Scotland, emphasizing the use of natural ingredients and sustainable practices. Their collections range from the best-selling Au Lait made with organic milk to the Sea Kelp collection, rich in minerals. The company is committed to environmental responsibility, ensuring their products are paraben-free, microbead-free, and not tested on animals.

Arran Sense of Scotland

ARRAN Sense of Scotland, originally known as Arran Aromatics, was founded in 1989. The brand prides itself on creating bath, body, and home products that connect people with nature. Their products, including their signature fragrance “After the Rain,” are inspired by the natural beauty of the Isle of Arran, capturing the essence of Scotland through vibrant and evocative scents. The company emphasizes fragrance excellence and crafts its products with care on the island, ensuring each item reflects the unspoiled charm of Arran.

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International Brands with a Range “Inspired by” Scotland

Jo Malone – The Highland Collections

Jo Malone London offers a captivating collection inspired by the untamed beauty of the Scottish Highlands known as “The Highlands Collection.” This limited-edition collection draws inspiration from the majestic wilderness of misty moors, heather-clad hills, and ancient castles reclaimed by nature. It’s a testament to the untamed beauty of the Scottish Highlands.

Chanel – Paris-Édimbourg

The Chanel Paris-Édimbourg perfume is part of the Les Eaux de Chanel collection, a line that celebrates the essence of various cities around the world. Launched in 2021 and crafted by Olivier Polge, Paris-Édimbourg is a Woody Aquatic fragrance designed for both women and men.

Demeter – Scottish Shortbread

Scottish Shortbread by Demeter Fragrance is a unisex perfume that offers a delightful and sweet olfactory experience. This fragrance, released in 2000, captures the essence of traditional Scottish shortbread, a classic and beloved treat.

Memo Paris – Inverness

The fragrance “Inverness” by Memo Paris is a captivating olfactory journey inspired by the Scottish Highlands. Launched in 2023, it pays homage to the mystical and enchanting Highlands, known for its peat, heather, and golden rain.


Ruffians – Edinburgh

The “Edinburgh – Eau de Parfum” by Ruffians is a fresh fragrance inspired by Scotland’s iconic capital, Edinburgh. It captures the essence of the city, with its historic old-town buildings and castle, as well as the freshness of the hops and woody breeze from the Pentland Hills. Ruffians has a renouned barber shop in the Edinburgh West End.

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